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Where have I been the last couple weeks?

Where have i been

Hey everyone this is more of a life update blog post, so if you’re not in to that you can check out some of my recent posts like, swimming with manta rays in Hawaii, find out which resort I think is the best I’ve ever stayed at, or check out some of my recent vlogs – Visiting San Diego and Finding Paradise in Hawaii. I bet you guys have been wondering, Where have I been the last couple weeks?

So Where Have I Been?Where have I been

If you are following on Instagram, you’ll probably notice my photos are kind of all over the place literally, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Florida making some people question where have I been? Over the past few weeks I’ve been at home working on some other projects, thus the lack of new destinations and new blog content. I have a couple of rental properties here in Tampa, and I recently got one all ready to put up on Airbnb and VRBO, so I was very busy with that. Also in a way to find an additional income stream I have been working on a portfolio for real estate photography. Combining two of the things I have been working on over the past couple years!

Mal and I visited Las Vegas to find a temporary place to live during her fieldwork placement out there this fall. We secured an apartment and can move in the second week of September, so I’ll be back out there then to get the place ready for us to move in the first of October. I’m actually pretty excited to be based out west for a couple of months because there is so much to see and I can get some really amazing content without having to spend days away from my family.

Where am I going?

Where am i goingNow that you know where I have been, the question I get on almost a daily basis from friends and family, so where/when is your next trip? I’m very excited to be partnering with a couple of hotels over the next week to bring you brand new content from the midwest! My brother and I will be doing a 3000+ mile road trip starting in Minneapolis through America’s heartland to Denver and back all the way to Milwaukee. You can expect several blog posts, a couple of videos, and I’m sure I’m going to be taking thousands of photos. I’m hoping that this trip will make you want to book a flight up to South Dakota and see what it’s all about!

Mid-September, Mallory and I both have conferences in Texas, so we will be in Dallas and Austin for a couple of days before returning home and preparing for another 2500 mi road trip from Tampa to Las Vegas. On our way out to Vegas, we are going to stop in some cities we have long wanted to visit, but have yet to have a chance. From this trip, you can expect more blog posts, more videos, and again tons of photos! By the end of these two road trips, I’ll be just seven states away from accomplishing a travel goal that I had initially thought was a bit ridiculous, visiting the 50 states (28 that I hadn’t yet visited) before my next birthday.

Focus on National Parks and State ParksValley of FIre

Once we are settled in Las Vegas and have a better idea of what Mallory’s schedule looks like, I think our focus is going to be to enjoy the amazing nature that we can find on the west coast. I’m definitely taking inspiration from Elite Jetsetter’s Utah Road Trip and also Renee Roaming’s 59 National Park Trip. There is so much to see and do on the west coast that we will wish we had more time when it comes time to move back east at the end of December.

Final Thoughts

This whole where have I been post is really just a long-winded apology for the lack of new content here on the blog. I’m sorry I haven’t felt very inspired to write, but I have been taking a lot of photos and creating videos again, so the ebbs and flows of my creative process are leaning towards creating content with my camera at the moment. This post also serves as a promise for several new blog posts and videos to come. It’s put down in writing; now I have to do it! In the meantime, make sure you’re following along on Instagram – @passports2life, and YouTube because lately, I have been much more active on those platform than I have here on the blog.


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It has been quite a while since I've written a blog post, I bet you have been wondering where have I been? This life update gives you some insight to where I have been and where I am going in the near future!

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