On this page, you will find resources to help you find and book travel and hotels. Using my links to purchase your airfare or hotels will give me a small commission, but your price will not be different than if you just typed the website’s address into your browser. Please contact me if you have any questions about booking travel, finding great deals, or any of the resources below. Please note some links may not work if you are using an adblocker.

Travel Resources

Passport to life - Resources

Use the Matrix airfare search to find the best deals for your destination



The ITA matrix is an invaluable travel resource. It allows you to search all airlines at once and you can tweak the search to show only certain airlines. alliances, times, etc.

Contiki is a great website that curates travel for 18-35 year olds

Contiki is a cool travel resource I came across that allows you to travel with young people. It is aimed at 18-35 year olds, and they have some great itineraries from 3 days all the way to a month long adventure!

Passport to life - Resources

Trip Advisor is a great resource to find reviews and book your travel





Another great travel resource, TripAdvisor has reviews of hotels and lists of top things to do at every destination. You can also search for and book travel through TripAdvisor.


With airfare watchdog you can set alerts if your destination has a price drop. They also have weekly deals










If you know you want to go somewhere, but not sure when, search on Airfarewatchdog and then set it to alert you when the price drops! You will get notifications when your airfare reaches a good price!

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Priceline has one of the best 3rd party booking sites

Priceline.com is my favorite travel resource for booking airfare. The search functionality is simple to use, and it is easy to put in your airline loyalty numbers saving you a step from some 3rd party booking sites.

Blacklane is the best airport transfer company out there. I have used it all over the world and it has proven to be an indispensable travel resource!