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10 Days in Bali: The Institute of Code Social Media Retreat

Institute of Code Social Media Retreat

The Tegalalang Rice Terraces, my favorite spot we visited in Bali

Being an Influencer: From Dream to Reality with The Institute of Code

You’re seeing it more and more often, Influencers teaming up with a company to host a social media, photography, coding… insert skill here retreat. Some catering solely to the ladies, others welcoming everyone, most in a magical tropical location. But is a social media retreat worth traveling half-way around the world for? Without a doubt, 100% yes, at least the Institute of Code Social Media Retreat.

IOC social media bootcamp

The pool was a great place to unwind after a day in the classroom or just to have some fun in the rain

The Institute of Code Social Media Retreat takes place a few times per year out of an incredible villa in the Canggu Region of Bali. There are 10 days of classroom sessions and hands-on skill application session, but there is also plenty of time to explore or relax.

IOC Social Media Retreat Villa

Institute of Code Social Media Retreat

Could you think of a better place to learn more about something you are passionate about?!

I had the pleasure of taking part in the 10-day social media retreat with 10 other students. From the very first afternoon, our group all seemed to click and get along. The villa our retreat was run out of has 7 bedrooms, a 25-meter pool, and a huge communal classroom/dining area. You’ll room with 2-3 other “students”, but honestly, there wasn’t a ton of time for sleep.

IOC Social Media Retreat

A dragonfruit smoothie bowl prepared by the talented chef team at the IOC social media retreat villa

Every single meal is included and is prepared by the talented in-house chef team. I definitely had a couple favorites, but everything I ate at the villa was phenomenal. Most of the meals were super healthy and of course, there are vegetarian and vegan options available too. The only thing that will cost you a little extra is if you decide to have a Bintang (local beer), cocktail, or organic cold pressed juice.

Who is the Institute of Code Social Media Retreat for?

Institute of Code Social Media Retreat

Three of our amazing mentors! Renee, Louise, and Christina at the Tegalalang Rice Terraces on our day long photography workshop

The Institute of Code markets the retreat as a boot camp for those who want to become influencers or social media managers, but I would say that while the information is applicable to social media managers, aspiring influencers will get more out of the retreat. Also, there is no baseline for “Aspiring” you can be completely new to Instagram or have 50K followers and there is still a ton of value to be had by attending the Institute of Code’s social media retreat. While the mentors for the session I attended were all travel influencers, and that was especially helpful for me, the information you learn at the social media bootcamp is applicable to all niches not just travel.

What will you learn at a Social Media Retreat?

IOC Social Media bootcamp

Robin and Louise have their brand nailed down and that has helped them grow quickly and work with some of their dream brands

The retreat starts with some of the most important exercises an influencer, or any brand can do- determining your brand’s identity, style, and target audience. Without being able to fully nail down those three things, there is no way to market yourself or measure your success. Once the solid base of brand identity is built, the rest of the pieces can come together much easier.

Institute of Code Social Media Bootcamp

Emilio is one of the Co-Founders of Institute of Code. He leads the photography workshops and gave some great insights for editing techniques

My favorite part of the entire social media retreat was being able to work side-by-side with some of the influencers that I already looked up to, take in their creative process and learn their editing techniques. I was able to shoot with Robin & Louise from Elite Jetsetter, Renee from Renee Roaming, and Christina Galbato formerly “The Bold Brunette”! It was amazing to be able to bounce ideas off them and ask questions about issues that inevitably arise during travel photography shoots. Since the whole group was going out to the photography workshops it was great to always have someone to take photos of or someone to take your photo!

IOC social media bootcamp

Learning how the mentors reach out to brands and how early some of them got work with brands was just what I needed to hear to put more heart into my work

The photography workshops were my the most fun sessions during the Institute of Code’s Social Media Retreat, but the advanced growth techniques and turning it into a business were the two sessions that have made the biggest difference since I have returned from beautiful Bali.

Get Inspired at the Institute of Code Social Media Retreat

Institute of Code Social Media Retreat Bali

Surrounding yourself with like-minded creative people is the easiest way to get out of a creative rut

There is something about putting 15 like-minded, creative people together for 10 days that just makes the creative juices flow like all of Bali’s amazing waterfalls. No two shooting or editing styles are alike so observing, chatting, and actually just trying different things leads to some pretty amazing results. Before going to the Institute of Code in Bali I definitely wasn’t firing on all cylinders creatively, but since being in Bali, which is a fuel for creativity in itself, I feel like my creativity is at an all time high and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Results of the Institute of Code Social Media Bootcamp

IOC social media retreat

We are now part of a community that is constantly supporting each other and advocating for each other I’m excited to see how much my new friends grow and develop!

Since I left the villa a month ago this week, my Instagram has grown by about 600 followers (20%), my engagement has improved drastically, and I have been able to secure work with multiple brands. I also developed friendships with the amazing and super talented students and mentors that attended the bootcamp with me and hope to continue to collaborate with them even though we are spread all over the world. At the Institute of Code’s social media retreat, you really do get taught everything you need to know to start generating income from social media.

How do I sign-up to Attend an Institute of Code Retreat?

institute of code social media retreat

If you are an aspiring influencer then you should definitely consider the Institute of Code’s next social media retreat

The Institute of Code just announced their next boot camp will run May 26 – June 4! You can find all the information you need to know about the course linked here: IOC Social Media Bootcamp Information. Make sure you mention either Peter or @passports2life when you register your interest! If you decide it’s for you and you’re looking for how to get to Bali, remember I flew to Bali in first class for less than $200 and you can too! If you have any other questions about the Institute of Code’s social media retreat please reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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Institute of Code Social Media Retreat Bali

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