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13 Most Instagramable Locations in Bali

The Most Instagramable Locations in Bali

Bali, Indonesia is without a doubt one of the most instagramable locations in the world if not the most. There is a perfect combination of killer landscapes, colorful cafes, and everyone’s favorite… waterfalls. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the most instagramable locations in Bali, but rather some of my favorites! These spots will give you everything you need to get creative and try to take a unique shot from the hundreds of photos of Bali in your feed today.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces – Ubud, Bali

Most Instagramable Bali

These beautiful Rice Terraces in Ubud are one of the many beautiful spots to take photos on Bali

The Tegalalang Rice Terraces are where many of the beautiful images on Instagram are taken in Bali. My favorite part of the rice terraces and what makes it probably the most instagramable location in Bali is the fact that it’s so huge that no two photos come out exactly the same! The owner of the rice terraces Wayun will happily welcome you in for a small donation. He will also play you a tune and cut open a fresh coconut for you too.

Campuhan Ridge Walk- Ubud, Bali

Photogenic Bali Locations

The serene Campuhan Ridge Walk is a perfect place to take in the sunrise!

Just minutes from the hustle and bustle of Ubud is the serene Campuhan Ridge Walk. A favorite spot for people taking morning strolls and an increasingly popular instagramable location in Bali. I’d aim for sunrise if you plan on visiting because you might just get some light rays coming through the trees! There is also a swing at one end of the ridge walk, but a local man said it wasn’t very stable when we checked it out.

Tibumana Waterfall- Ubud, Bali

picturesque bali locations

Tibumana Waterfall usually doesn’t flow quite this strong and you can get behind it, but because of all the rain there were some mudslides so no one was allowed behind it

Bali has A LOT of waterfalls, and every one you ask will say their favorite was a different one. Tibumana is very close to central Ubud and has an easy well maintained path down to it. If you visit during the rainy season chances are you will see more than one waterfall here. When we visited, there were at least three flowing. Everyone loves seeing waterfalls that is why Tibumana is one of my most instagramable locations in Bali.

Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang- Karangasem, Bali

Instagramable Bali Locations

Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang in the North of Bali

Another shot you see all the time from Bali on Instagram is the huge Hindu gates. There are actually quite a few gates around the island of Bali as most temples have one form or another of them. If you want Mt. Agung, Bali’s largest mountain and the Volcano to most recently erupt in the background, then Pura Pentaran Agung Lempuyang is your best bet. It is called the gateway to heaven, and it is beautiful! I didn’t have the chance to visit during my trip to Bali, but you better believe it is already on my list for next time I go back!

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan- Tabanan Regency, Bali

Instagramable Bali Locations

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Hindu temple on Bratan Lake, Bali, Indonesia

Another spot my new friends visited the day after I left the magical island of Bali is without a doubt one of the most instagramable locations in Bali. It could be the most beautiful temple in Bali especially if you get an epic sunrise. This temple is located out in the middle of Bratan Lake and is only accessible by boat. You can rent a boat, but they don’t open until 9 AM, so any chance of catching the sunrise is long gone.

Sangeh Monkey Forest- Badung, Bali

Instagramable bali locations

My friends Robin and Louise at the Monkey Forest. They are super talented photographers and bloggers you should definitely check them out at elitejetsetter.com

We opted to go to the smaller Sangeh Monkey Forest instead of the larger more popular Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest. You get a guide who has food for the monkeys to hop on you for your photos, but the gates and the temples here are also beautiful. We went mid-afternoon and had no trouble taking photos as it wasn’t very crowded. Just listen to the guide, and don’t take any of your own food in and the monkeys won’t bother you.

Nusa Penida

Instagramable Bali Locations

The famous “T-Rex” that you will find at Nusa Penida

Technically not on Bali, but just a short boat ride from the island you will find the famous “T-Rex” Penisula. Nusa Penida is a beautiful spot with crystal clear blue waters that is definitely on my bucket list. The day I left Bali a couple of friends took a day trip to Nusa Penida, and after seeing some of the photos they got, I was super jealous! Robin and Louise from the monkey forest photo actually wrote an amazing guide to Nusa Penida!

Monduk Swing- Monduk, Bali

Instagramable Bali locations

Not the Monduk Swing, but the one at Campuhan Ridge Walk

There is an amazing swing that overlooks the Twin Lakes in the Monduk region of Bali. Another spot I didn’t have a chance to visit, but that is too good to leave off the list of the most instagramable locations in Bali. Also in Monduk is the beautiful Monduk plantation a hotel with an epic infinity pool!

The Most Instagramable Bars and Cafes in Bali


The Lawn – Canggu, Bali

The Lawn is an amazing outdoor bar and lounge in Canggu. They have a pool and seating the overlooks the ocean making it a perfect spot to take in one of Bali’s beautiful sunsets and have a couple of mai tais with your friends! Unfortunately for us when we visited there was a pretty bad storm, and it was raining horizontally because of the wind, so most of the photos taken there didn’t really turn out.

La Laguna- Canggu, Bali

picturesque bali locations

There are so many places to get photos at La Laguna

The bridge to the beach recently collapsed at La Laguna, but there are still plenty of cool spots on their property to get photos. When you walk in there are old circus carts elaborately decorated, and one that still functions as a tarot card reader. I skipped past that and went for a spot where I could still have the bridge in my photo even if I couldn’t stand on it. They also usually have a lawn area to hang out with colorful canoes lining the top edge, but because of the storms that area was closed too.

Coffee Cartel – Seminyak, Bali

Instagramable Bali Cafes

A typical instagramers’ breakfast spread at any of the amazing cafes in Bali, in this case, Coffee Cartel

If you’re a food instagramer, or even if you aren’t, the spread the put on at Coffee Cartel in Seminyak makes it one of the most instagramable locations in Bali. Green, pink, or black lattes, colorful pancakes the bright pop of color contrasting against the white walls of the outdoor seating area upstairs will lead to plenty of double-taps!

La Brisa- Canggu, Bali

Instagramable Bali Bars

A view of the pool at La Brisa from the open air second story bar area

We accidentally stumbled upon La Brisa one evening when we were looking for some souvenirs to take home. A short walk down the beach from The Lawn you will find Echo Beach. Hidden in a forest of huge trees is La Brisa. A very BoHo spot for evening drinks or dinner. They also have a pool and beach, so it would be a great spot to spend an entire afternoon!

La Cabina- Canggu, Bali

La Cabina has a very Palm Springs vibe with pale pinks and blues throughout. They also have a couple of really cool things going for them; floating breakfast and endless happy hour for less than $20. The floating breakkie is perfect for Instagram and will leave your followers jealous not only because you’re in Bali, but also because the food looks amazing!

The villa we stayed at was in Canggu, so we didn’t venture too far when it came to finding instagramable cafes and bars. Next time I visit Bali I will definitely explore more of the island so I will have a better idea of where you need to go to get those perfect Bali foodgrams.

Is there a location you think needs to be added to this list of Instagramable Locations in Bali? Let me know in the comments! I already started a list of places I need to see next time I am there and would love to add to the list! I hope you’ll check out my post about how I got to Bali too! Make sure you’re following along on our instagram journey @passports2life!


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The most instagramable locations in Bali


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