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November 25, 2019
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December 3, 2019

20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Men who Love Travel

20 gift ideas for men that love to travel

Welcome to December, can you believe another year has nearly come and gone already? With December begins the holiday season and the stress of shopping for your loved ones’ holiday presents. I know that I can be hard to shop for, and I’m sure other guys out there are the same way. This list of holiday gifts for men who love travel will take all of the stress out of shopping and will give that guy in your life something that he will enjoy and actually use!

Holiday Gifts to Prepare for Vacation

These unique holiday gifts will get the man in your life ready for his next big adventure! From packing his luggage to getting through security, these useful travel gifts take the stress out of travel preparation!

1. Away Luggage Carry-on

Men's Holiday Gift Guide
The Away Luggage Family Courtesy of Away Luggage

I have had my eyes on this new carry-on for a while now. It is indestructible, designed to not only look good, but to fit in all major US carriers overhead bins, and it has USB plugs to keep your devices fully charged during those long layovers where it can be difficult to find an open outlet to charge your phone or tablet! I’ve had my away carry-on for two years now and it’s my favorite piece of luggage I’ve ever owned. I recently purchased the aluminum carry-on and put it through the wringer during our 15-day tour through Europe this fall, safe to say it passed with flying colors!

$249 Available on Away Travel

2. Packing Cubes

Men's holiday gifts
Packing cubes make is easy to stay organized when packing for trips of any length

Packing cubes have become very popular recently, and after my struggle packing for my trip to Amsterdam, Prague, and Munich, I may just be giving them a try! Packing cubes separate your clothes neatly and prevent the inevitable wrinkles that come when packing for a long trip. This great inexpensive holiday gift will make packing a breeze.

$26.99 5 pack + Laundry Bag Available on Amazon

3. Global Entry

holiday gifts for travelers
Global Entry should be on everyone’s gift list this holiday season! PS I know that’s a terrible photo of me…

I cannot recommend Global Entry enough. It was the best $100 I ever spent (then had refunded thanks to my Chase Sapphire Reserve ). This should be the most popular holiday gift for him because it will be without a doubt the most useful holiday gift if he travels at all! With Global Entry you also get TSA pre-check, which means no taking off your shoes, leaving your liquids and laptop in your bag, and not worrying about those pesky body scanners. This gift is a must for all travelers especially if you travel abroad at all.

$100 Available on US Customs & Border Patrol

Useful Holiday Gifts for Travellers on the Road

These useful holiday gifts will make this guy the envy of his travel buddies, and will keep him comfortable, caffeinated and charged while traveling!

4. A Travel Outlet Adapter

mens holiday gift guide
This travel adapter has plenty of ports

One of the things I always seem to forget (so I have a lot of them) is an outlet adapter when traveling abroad. The one I recommend has not only your typical 2 or 3 prong plugs but also space for 3 USB devices to charge at the same time! This would have been a lifesaver when we were in Europe and Marc was the only one who remembered to bring an adapter!

$21.99 Available on Amazon

5. A Travel Hammock

Holiday Gift Guide
Enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the travel hammock

Sometimes it’s nice to just relax in a park, and people watch or stargaze, or if your the outdoors type, sleep under the stars! This hammock allows you to do all of that. It comes with everything you need to hang it up, and when you’re done, it folds down to the size smaller than a half-gallon of milk!

$99 Available on Amazon

6. Kuju Coffee Pocket Pour-over

Holiday Gifts for Him
A fresh cup of Kuju Coffee

I actually just discovered this amazing product when I found a gift card from last Christmas that I forgot about! Kuju Coffee’s Pocket Pourover gives you great tasting coffee wherever you may be. All you need is a mug or Thermos and some hot water and BAM! you got delicious pour-over coffee in a flash!

$7.95 5 Pack Available on Amazon

7. A Smartwatch

The brand new Apple smartwatch has really improved on some of the aspects that were underwhelming in the past. The new Apple Watch has a longer battery life, larger screen, and is waterproof! When I’m traveling I do a lot of walking and getting more an accurate step-count and distance with an Apple Watch would be great!

Starting at $399 on Target.com

Useful Holiday Gifts for the Guy who Loves Travel & Photography

I definitely fall into this category and would be stoked to get any and all of these gifts! Whether you’re taking photos for memories, or if you are like me and running a travel blog or Instagram these are some high-quality holiday gifts that will take care of your photography needs!

8. Moment Mobile Phone Lenses

The camera on your phone these days is much better than some of the higher-end DSLRs from not many years ago. Still, we are left to the mercy of the field of view the phone’s camera lens provides – NOT ANYMORE! Moment’s innovative lenses let you widen or tighten the field of view without losing the quality! One thing to note is that to use the Moment mobile lenses you will need a Moment case

Check out Moment on Amazon!

9. GoPro Hero 8 or Hero Max

2017 Holiday Gift Guide
A GoPro Hero 5 Black

The latest addition to the GoPro family is the Hero 8 Black and Hero Max. It features incredible in-body stabilization making your action videos silky smooth even without a gimbal. It also features full HD super slow motion with the ability to record 1080p at up to an insane 240 frames per second. To give you an idea of how amazing that is, my pro-level DSLR from 2016 can only shoot 120fps at 720p (not even full HD!) A perfect holiday gift for men who love diving or snorkeling. The Hero MAX takes it a step further with 360 videos.

The Hero 8 Black is $349 and the Hero Max is $499

10. A New Camera

While your phone can take fantastic photos, there is no substitute for a real DSLR or mirrorless camera when it comes to getting high-quality photos. Even the least expensive mirrorless camera will shoot RAW which gives you more editing power to create a style of your own! A great entry-level mirrorless camera is the Canon M50. Capable of taking great photos and Full HD video, this camera is what Mallory uses when we travel.

$649 Available on Adorama

11. Instax mini camera

2017 Holiday Gift Guide
An Instax Mini 9

These little cameras are great for giving you that instant gratification of holding a physical photo (memory) in your hand. A useful holiday gift for keeping mementos from your travels. They come in a variety of colors and body styles, so there is definitely one that will suit you.

$59.95 Available on Amazon

Traveler Gifts for the Home

Most of us can’t live the nomadic life and constantly go from hotel to hotel, and destination to destination. So why not spice up your home with a little travel decor! All of these items can either be bought or made yourself if you are DIY inclined!

12. Airport and Runway Inspired Art

Holiday Gift Guide
08Left’s Tampa diagram poster

I would love these for my office. This is a holiday gift for the men who are avgeeks or just spend way too much in airports that they could draw them from memory, or give you the three letter code for any city’s airport. They also come in different finishes, so you can get your favorite airport on paper, metal or even wood.

Starting at $29.08 Available on 08left

13. Scratch Off Map

Holiday Gift Guide
Where in the world have I been? The colors tell you

Personally, I think these are really cool gifts for anyone who travels. The idea is you scratch off the state, or country after you visit it! My sister got me the big one last year, and be aware it took me 30 minutes to scratch off all of Russia! But it is a fun way to visualize your travels and a great conversation piece for your home or apartment!

$34.97 Available on Amazon

14. Heart Shaped Maps

Holiday Gift Guide
Map to my heart, handmade by yours truly

If you are buying for your spouse or significant other and have some locations or destinations that are very meaningful to you, then this could be a heartfelt holiday gift that may be exactly what he didn’t know he needed! I created the one above for Mallory on our first anniversary, and the map pieces were all the places we visited in that first year. All the materials were bought on Amazon. If crafts aren’t your strong suit, then there are plenty of customizable options on Etsy.

$53.94 Available on Etsy

15. The 2 AM Principle

Men's holiday gifts
Learn the science of adventure with this little book

A fun book that is described as “With the mold-breaking brilliance of Timothy Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Work Week, and the geeky enthusiasm of a TED Talk, this book is your ticket to the next level.” Discover the science of Adventure with this fun holiday gift that will take your man’s adventure to the next level.

$12.68 Available on Amazon

Holiday Gifts for the Travelling Traveler

16. Moleskine Mini Notebook

Holiday Gift Guide
My traveling notebook

I take these things everywhere. I have one in my truck, one in my camera bag, one for church, and one in my office. They are the perfect size to stick in your pocket or bag and jot down ideas, thoughts, feelings, whatever comes to you. One of my goals for 2018 is to be better about journaling during my travels, and these notebooks are where it’s going to happen. A perfect gift for the traveler who wants to remember every little detail, and a useful holiday gift for the forgetful man in your life!

$11.49 Available on Amazon

17. Travel Dominos

men's holiday gift guides
A great stocking stuffer to keep busy during long layovers

You heard it here first, board games and “analog fun” are making a comeback in 2018! We spent hours playing dominos during our last visit to Big Sky, Montana; this travel set makes a quick game easier than ever. A perfect holiday gift for the man who spends so much time on airplanes he has seen all of the good in-flight entertainment!

$35.00 Available on Amazon

18. Carry-On Cocktail Kits

Holiday Gifts
Everything is included in your carry-on cocktail!

Traveling can be stressful. One way to relieve that stress is to have a cocktail! The carry-on cocktail kit comes in 5 delicious flavors giving you the perfectly portioned ingredients to make your favorite cocktail! This is a great stocking stuffer for him this year! They are a little pricey, but its a unique and useful gift.

$24.00 Available on Amazon

19. A Versatile Sweater

Being comfortable on an airplane is hard enough without having to take four seasons into consideration. I’ve been in cabins where I’m freezing, and others where I’m seating, this is why it is so important to layer clothing when traveling. It is also why this sweatshirt from Lululemon is a perfect gift for the stylish world traveler.

$128 Available on Lululemon

The Best Holiday Gift for Travellers

Mallory enjoying her Emirate First Class seat

Hands down the best holiday gift for men who love traveling is Travel. This can be in the form of a gift card, a trip, or even a tour for an upcoming trip you are taking. There’s no doubt that he will love the gift if it is travel. You can use the “To Anywhere” option on Skyscanner to get inspired, or TripAdvisor to book a tour on your next big adventure

Price Varies Available Everywhere.

Hopefully, this holiday gift guide for men who love travel has given you some great ideas for gifts this holiday season, or maybe some ideas of what to ask for! I hope everyone has a safe and exciting holiday season with their loved ones.

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Men can be hard to buy gifts for, I know I am. Here are 20 wonderful holiday gift ideas for men who love travel that they will be sure to love and use!


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