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October 28, 2016
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November 4, 2016

Toronto Buffer Festival Day 1

Buffer Festival

After a lovely flight on Air Canada Rouge, I was in Toronto and excited to be at Buffer Festival! For those of you that don’t know Buffer Festival is an annual film festival for YouTube creators to show off some of their content, for up and coming creators (like myself) to attend workshops to learn more about the shooting, editing, etc., and to do some networking. Each year the festival is held in Toronto and attracts some of the most famous YouTubers. I was really excited for a chance to meet Julien Solomita (JennaMarbles bf) and Louis Cole both of whom inspired me to start making vlogs while traveling.

Buffer Festival Day 1

The first workshop we decided to go to was about branding. Low and behold Julien was on a panel just before, so we had the opportunity to meet and chat with him for a little bit! All of the workshops we attended day 1 were very helpful especially on the video editing side of things. We also attended a discussion on making it your job (wouldn’t that be nice!).

Me and Julien

Me and Julien

Travel & Adventure

The festival also had 7 major screenings where YouTubers in a particular niche/genre were able to premier some of their new and exciting content. The screening we were most looking forward was with out a doubt Travel & Adventure. 17 YouTubers premiered short films at the screening and I have to say Matt and I left there with a hunger to travel and fly drones.

My favorite of the films shown at the Travel & Adventure screenings was Sawyer Hartman’s video where he showed drone footage of every place he has been over the past 6+ months including China, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Yosemite.


Buffer Festival Day 1 Vlog

I will embed my vlog from day 1 below, or you can go watch it on YouTube!



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