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AA Experimenting with Snacks for Delayed Passengers


American Airlines Economy Cabin Snacks

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Similar to what Delta has been doing for years, American has begun provides some small snacks in the gate area of flights delayed 2 or more hours. Snacks will include soft drinks, fresh fruit, and chips. American is testing this service at JFK and is rumored to be expanding the service to LAX later this month. If there is a positive response from passengers, which I expect there will be, we should see this service show up across American Airlines’ routes this year.

I personally think this is a great idea. I actually tweeted at American Airlines not too long ago during a lengthy delay suggesting they bring the passengers some refreshments. Snack


After posting some record breaking profits last year it makes sense for airlines to use some of that extra capital to improve customer experience. As another step to improving customer experience American and United resumed complimentary snacks in the economy cabin on February 1st. Even though American is only providing Biscoff cookies or pretzels as their complimentary snack it may help renew some of the goodwill that was lost over the years of serious cost cutting.

With oil prices remaining low, it will be interesting to see how the increased bottom line for all of the major US airlines continues to affect their products, specifically their customer experience products.

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