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October 24, 2016
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Air Canada Rouge Premium Review

Air Canada Rouge A319 via AirCanada.com

Air Canada Rouge A319 Review

As you know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram I went to Toronto this past weekend for Buffer Festival. Buffer Festival is a film festival for YouTube creators to show off their work, meet fellow creators and fans, and do some networking. There are also workshops throughout both days of the festival. I was super excited to go to buffer, and have a chance to meet a couple of my favorite YouTubers. I was able to learn a lot about using vlogging as a medium to bring you along with me on my travels.

To get to Toronto I chose Air Canada Rouge 1. It was direct, 2. I could leave after work, and 3. It was the least expensive. To my pleasant surprise when I was checking in they were offering upgrade to the premium cabin for less than $100. So I took it!

Check In

I haven’t been able to check in online for my international flight recently, not sure why. With Tampa traffic being as unpredictable as it is, I left home early to ensure I had time to check in and relax a little. When I got to Tampa international there was no one in the check-in line so I was checked in and got through security in less than 10 minutes. Unfortunately there is no Maple Leaf Lounge or Star Alliance lounge in Tampa so I didn’t have anywhere to go but the gate. I was told I couldn’t buy a day pass to the Delta Sky Lounge unless I’m flying Delta ( not sure if that’s correct). Any ways, I went over to the gate and set up my camera to get some runway footage.

The seat

air canada rouge

Seat 2A Air Canada Rouge A319

The Air Canada Rouge A319 is set up the same as the old US Airways planes – 3 rows of first class in a 2-2 configuration. The difference is these seats are updated and there is power at each seat. The seat was perfectly fine for this quick 2 hour and 15 minute flight.

The food

Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada Rouge Dinner

Even though we were delayed until 9PM I didn’t have dinner at the airport so I was pretty hungry. The options were ravioli or Caribbean chicken with a salad and chocolate pear cake. I chose the chicken, and while it was juicy it didn’t have much flavor. The salad and cake were both very good though!

Air Canada Rouge Menu

Air Canada Rouge Menu

The service

One thing I noted about the crew is that they seemed much younger than the average US airline crew. Melissa the lead flight attendant looked mid twenties and was very attentive to the 2/3 full first class cabin. She brought these amazing looking canvas amenity kits with blankets, eye-masks, and head rest covers to a couple of passengers. I wish I would have asked for a blanket so I could have grabbed one of those kits that would be perfect for an iPad case! Unfortunately for us the WiFi and in flight entertainment was out of commission for our flight. They were kind enough to end me an email 4 hours before the flight letting me know though!

Not great legroom, but it was a short flight

Not great legroom, but it was a short flight

Bottom Line – Air Canada Rouge Premium

Overall I would say that Air Canada Rouge was better than my recent American flights when it comes to service and food. For a low cost option with direct flights from Tampa to Toronto I would definitely choose Air Canada Rouge again. I’ll be flying American on my way back connecting in Charlotte follow me on Instagram and Twitter @passports2life.


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Have you even flown on Air Canada Rouge what were your impressions?

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