Who am I?

Hi There! I’m stoked to have you here! I’m Peter Rickloff and I am a Travel & Lifestyle Photographer. If I had to narrow down what I’m passionate about, my top two would be travel and photography. My parents instilled in me from a young age the importance of travel and experiencing different places and cultures. I have been fortunate enough to visit more than 50 states and over 40 states in my short 29 years on Earth. I believe that travel changes people for the better, and I hope my stories inspire you to see more of this beautiful planet.

Although I have always loved travel and photography, my journey to get where I am today is a bit unconventional. I never considered myself a creative person, in fact, I thrived in analytical settings. I worked in banking and finance for almost 5 years before I decided that a 9 to 5 job doesn’t suit me. I left my finance job and bought two rental properties here in the Tampa Bay area. Being an Airbnb host allows me the freedom to travel, and do whatever I can to spend more time behind my camera rather than sitting behind a desk. I now create content for brands, take photos for real estate listings in the area, and get to do what I love for a living rather than dreading my days behind a desk.

Taking a photograph in a rice paddy in Bali Indonesia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Camera Gear Do You Use?

I currently shoot on a Canon 5D Mark IV, with a variety of Canon, Sigma, and Tamron Lenses. To see my whole kit click here!

How do you afford to travel so much?

While I am by no means a full-time traveler, we do still travel significantly more than the average twenty-something couple. Several resources to travel more can be found here!

What's your favorite place you've been?

I honestly think that this is the hardest question to answer, we have been a lot of places and there are certain places that just feel extra special, like Hawaii, but I created a list of my favorite destinations so far that you can check out here!

What is the Best Travel Credit Card?

One of the ways I am able to travel so much is by smart use of points and miles through airlines frequent flyer programs, hotels, and credit cards. A great resource to get started using points and miles to travel more can be found here!

Do you work with brands?

If you are a brand struggling to reach your desired targeted audience, or if you need help creating engaging content for your social media platforms I’d love to help! Send me a message and we can take it from there!

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Let’s Collaborate

Through all of our social media channels and this blog, Passports to Life reaches more than 210,000 people each month.

I partner with brands that sell products and services that I love and use myself to create engaging content for social media, advertisements, and much more!

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