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October 26, 2016
Toronto Buffer Festival Day 1
October 31, 2016

Hong Kong International and AA Flagship First

Flagship FIrst Suite

It has been a little while since my last vlog when I got my flights all re-arranged and went on a Junk Boat cruise. I decided to make another vlog out of my remaining footage of me at the Hong Kong airport and my trip in flagship first on AA to Dallas because after learning some new tricks at Buffer Festival, I was excited to try them out! Below is my latest vlog! Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel for my latest videos! I plan on creating a good amount of video content in the coming months.

I have some exciting trips coming up around the holidays, so next week I’ll give you a little preview of the travel planned for the rest of the year.

AA Flagship First Class

The check-in process was painless, although I had to wait for about 15 minutes for the team to get set up for AA check in. I was through security in about 20 minutes, and had a great time in the Cathay Pacific First Class Lounges. This flight was delayed 6 hours, and even with that delay, and two hours on the ground the boarding process still started about 25 minutes late.

The flagship first suite was nice, but not very private. You get a slightly wider seat and a nicer seat covering when you turn the seat into a bed.

Flagship First Dining



Supposedly in the past year with AA’s launch of new LAX-SYD and LAX-HKG routes there was a great improvement to the dining options. While the amuse bouche and appetizer was pretty good I found the rest of the food pretty awful. The purser didn’t know what was in the dumplings served with the Dim Sum and had to check with another flight attendant when I asked because of my severe shellfish allergy. When she returned and said shrimp dumpling and I told her I can’t eat this (and shouldn’t eat anything on the plate) she proceeded to reach across me pick up the shrimp dumpling with her fingers and say “OK, there you are”.

Flagship first

Dim Sum

While I found that very off putting and unsanitary, I was hungry so I tried the meal and was very unimpressed. I have had the flagship dining on three occasions now, Seoul to Dallas, NYC to LAX, and this flight. I have yet to have a good experience.

Overcooked lamb

Overcooked lamb

I made it to Dallas and was shuttled to a cheap hotel for the night since I missed my connection. I was up bright and early and ended up making it home before noon the next day. I would say I expected better for AA’s longest route, but was underwhelmed. I don’t know if the Etihad First Class apartment ruined me or if I have just had bad luck with my crews lately, but AA is way behind when it comes to food and service.

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