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Trip Preview: A 9 Day Hawaii Itinerary

9 Day hawaii itinerary

If you have been following along on Instagram – you already know we are very excited about our upcoming trip this week to Hawaii and California! Since we will be gone for a couple weeks and I may not get a blog post up those two Mondays, the least I could do is share a little preview of our upcoming 9-day Hawaii itinerary.

Getting a Cheap Flight to Hawaii

9 Day hawaii itineraryA few weeks back the deals on flights to Hawaii from California and other states hit record lows. There are still some deals to be had with flights from San Jose (SJC) to Kona for as low as $391, San Francisco to Honolulu for $394, and San Jose to Maui for just $367. There are still great deals out there from the east coast, with some flights being less than $600 too.

We jumped on a deal from San Jose since we planned on visiting Mallory’s sister and checking out Monterey and Big Sur after our trip to Hawaii.

Our 5-Day Big Island Hawaii Itinerary

For the first 5 days of our Hawaii adventure, we will be staying on the big island. At the time of writing this there is some serious volcanic activity, so we are praying that it doesn’t affect our plans at all, but there are a few things that I would love to do while we are on the big island!

Scuba Dive with Manta Rays

9 day hawaii intinerary manta rayI found a scuba company that does night dives with the massive manta rays. Not only have I always wanted to do a night dive, but the chance to dive with mantas would be so epic! Mallory is a little nervous about diving at night with such big creatures, but hopefully, I can convince her!

Climb a Volcano

9 day hawaii intinerary

Colorful panoramic view of volcanic cones from the peak of the Haleakala Crater

Now even though Kilauea is erupting, there are two other large volcanoes on Hawaii, Mauna Loa, and Mauna Kea, which is the highest point in the Hawaiian Islands. While we will definitely stay a safe distance from the current eruptions and fissures, I would love to see some lava!

Get an Aerial View of the Island

Hawaii is famous for its helicopter tourism. Dozens of companies will take up around the island and find a remote waterfall to land by and snap some shots. After our helicopter trip got canceled in South Africa, I have been itching to get in the air somewhere else.


9 day Hawaii Itinerary

Observatories on top of Mauna Kea mountain peak. Astronomical research facilities and large telescope observatories located at the summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii, United States

Because of the height of Mauna Kea, it is a great place to catch a glimpse of a dark night sky! It is of course home to a number of independent astronomical observatories because of the view.

Relaxing Poolside/Beachside

We are staying at the gorgeous Four Season Hualalai Resort, so there will definitely be some much-needed relaxation! I can’t wait to share our time at the resort with you, so make sure you’re following us on Instagram!

Our 3 Day Oahu Hawaii Itinerary

After a nice stay on the big island, we head to the hustle and bustle of Honolulu on Oahu’s South Shore. There we will be staying at a lovely looking SPG hotel- The Moana Surfrider Resort in the heart of Waikiki Beach. The sunsets there are supposed to be amazing so we will definitely be catching a few of those.

Haiku Stairs or Stairway to Heaven Oahu

At the top of the stairs is one hell of a viewpoint, but taking the entire haiku ladder is currently illegal as parts of the pathway have fallen into disrepair. Luckily, according to our friends at Elite Jetsetter, there is a legal way to get to the top of the stairs that can be weather dependent, so let’s pray for good weather!

Hang Ten on a Surfing Lesson

I’ve tried surfing once when we were in Puerto Rico. Being in the birthplace of surfing what better way to spend an afternoon than learning how to surf! I guess no Hawaii itinerary would be complete without giving surfing a go.

Find a Waterfall

picturesque bali locations

Tibumana Waterfall usually doesn’t flow quite this strong and you can get behind it, but because of all the rain there were some mudslides so no one was allowed behind it

I just spent the last fifteen minutes reading (looking at pictures) a couple of blog posts about Oahu’s waterfalls, now I’m convinced that we need to make it to one while we are there because they all look beautiful!

The End of Our 9 Day Hawaii Itinerary

Including travel, we will have been on Hawaii for about 9 days. I already know we are going to fall in love with the Hawaiian Islands and we are going to be sad to leave, but luckily it isn’t the end of the adventure on this trip! We depart Hawaii only to meet Mallory’s sister and her boyfriend in the beautiful city of Monterey, California! There is so much to do and see in the Monterey area that we are hopefully going to have some killer Instagram content! There is much more to come on this epic adventure and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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From the Big Island to Oahu- This is a perfect 9 day Hawaii Itinerary for the dream trip you've always wanted to take. Full of Activities, what to see, and cultural experiences this Hawaii Itinerary checks all the boxes.



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