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January 12, 2018
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7 Exciting Travel Goals for 2018

travel goals

7 Travel Goals I hope to achieve during 2018.

Before I get into my travel goals for 2018, I wanted to reflect and see how I did on my goals for 2017.

Reflecting on 2017

&Beyond Ngala South Africa Safari

Our guide Jenni at &Beyond Ngala with us before we left

2017 was one of the most fun years in travel to date. While we didn’t visit as many new places this year as we did back in 2016 we had some incredible adventures. Possibly my favorite adventure of all time was our 3-night safari at &Beyond Ngala. We also got to experience the super-luxe Emirates First Class for less than $100. Stayed in a luxury treehouse that’s usually fully booked almost a whole year in advance, and visited the snowiest city in America (our old home, Erie, PA).

2017 Travel in a Nutshell

  • Approximately 85,000 miles flown
  • Nearly 200 hours on planes
  • 32 Airports visited
  • 5 New countries visited
  • 7 countries visited
  • Money saved using award miles: More than $50,000
  • Photos taken 19,162

Reviewing my Travel Goals for 2017

Cape Point South Africa

View from the Lighthouse on Cape Point

I had the goal of visiting 4 new countries throughout 2017 and specifically wanted to visit Peru, Iceland, and Australia. I was able to hit the goal of 4 new countries by visiting South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. I did not visit any of the specific countries I called out in last year’s goals post. I also mentioned visiting Africa or South America as before this year I hadn’t stepped foot on either continent ✅ – I was able to hit 3 countries in Africa on our trip last June!

Travel Goals Emirates First Class

Mallory enjoying her Emirate First Class seat

I had hoped to maintain my American Airlines Executive Platinum status in 2017, but due to heavy use of award tickets for my travel and jumping between airlines for our domestic travel I only made it to Platinum. I did, however, accomplish the goal of branching out and trying new airlines – Emirates, KLM and South Africa Airways as well as revisiting the incredible Etihad First Class Apartment!

Travel Goals Las Vegas

We made it to the Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas just as the sun began to set!

I didn’t attend any specifically travel related conferences but did attend Adobe MAX in Las Vegas. That conference definitely improved my skillsets in the Adobe suite including Lightroom and Premiere. I didn’t spend enough time (any time) during the past year revisiting these goals and tracking my progress – something I hope to improve on this year.

7 Travel Goals for 2018

I’m going to break up my travel goals for 2018 into a couple different categories: Experiences, Destinations, and Content. Let’s start with the fun one – Destinations.

Travel Goals: Destinations to visit in 2018

1. I hope to visit my 50th Country 2 years ahead of my longterm goal

Travel Goals destinations

My map of countries I’ve visited as of 2017

When I started blogging I set a travel goal for myself to visit 50 countries before my 30th birthday. To this day I have visited 46 countries, so just four new countries in 2018 will get me to my goal.

2. Specific Destination Travel Goal

Travel Goals iceland

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is somewhere any tourist in Iceland wants to visit!

Like last year, I am going to name the top three countries on my list right now that I hope to get to in 2018. Indonesia (Bali), Peru, and Iceland. With new direct flights from Tampa to Iceland, I should be able to easily cross that one off the list. I will be visiting Bali at the end of this month for a Social Media Professionals and Bloggers retreat – so that one is checked off already too! Hopefully, we can find some free time to visit Peru.

Travel Goals: Experiences

These are some of those Bucket List items related to travel that I hope I have a chance to experience this year.

3. Take a Flying Lesson

I couldn’t imagine how amazing it would feel to be above the clouds in control of your own flight path. We recently watched the Netflix series The Crown and when Price Philip learned how to fly he seemed so exhilarated. I’d love to take some flying lessons this year and possibly fly myself to one of our trips.

4. Take a Hot Air Baloon Ride

Travel Goals Turkey

Hot air balloons flying over rock landscape at Cappadocia Turkey

I had hoped to do the sunrise hot air balloon rides in Dubai when we visited this summer, but unfortunately, it gets too hot, so the balloons cannot take off. This year one of my travel goals is to ride in a hot air balloon. It can be here in Tampa or in Cappadocia, Turkey doesn’t matter to me.

5. Advanced Scuba Certification

Travel Goals Honduras

Mallory spotted something good while diving in Roatan Honduras

I love being underwater, and it’s a shame we don’t try to go diving more often because I always have so much fun doing it! I hope to complete my Advanced Scuba Certification this year. That will guarantee that I complete at least 6 dives this year.

6. Take a Road Trip

Travel Goals Road Trip

Where will the road take us in 2018?

I’ll be the first one to admit I hate long car rides. If its more than a 3-hour drive and I can find a flight that’s not too expensive, I’m flying. The last road trip we did was driving from Pennsylvania to Florida a couple summers ago and we went all the way from Erie to Amelia Island (13 hours) in one day. I want to take a trip where we aren’t rushed, we can take our time seeing the landscapes, cities, whatever heads our way. Mallory is placed in Las Vegas for her fieldwork this summer, so that may be our opportunity to take a cross-country road trip and complete these travel goals.

Travel Goals: Content

7. Create More Good Content

Last year I published only 27 blog posts and 12 videos on YouTube. I’ll admit I probably focused more on trying to grow my Instagram during the second half of last year and kind of neglected the blog. This year my goal is to publish new content whether it is a blog post or a YouTube video every single Friday. Of all the travel goals I have laid out here I believe this one may be the hardest, but also most rewarding. By giving myself a day of the week deadline I hope to be able to schedule better and be more accountable to myself and to you!

Bonus Travel Goal

I want to continue to grow the audience and hopefully create some community around embracing our wanderlust and making travel happen. I can’t grow that audience without you! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook and if you know someone who could use the travel inspiration or tips share these posts with them! I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us, I know it’s going to be a great adventure!

What are your travel goals for 2018? What country or city is at the top of your places I need to go list? Let me know in the comments!

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